What Results can You Expect From Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a relatively simple procedure. However, for someone who hasn’t had it before, it would greatly help to know what to expect from it—before, during, and after.

Before Treatment

While some people think that they need to grow their hair out before undergoing hair removal through laser, this is actually a misconception. If anything, it is best that your hair should be shaved as close as possible before the treatment to make it safer and more effective. However, plucking and waxing are supposed to be avoided at least two weeks prior the procedure. This is because plucking and waxing remove the target of the laser and make the destruction of the hair follicles impossible. Tanning is not advised either.

During Treatment

They say that there’s no gain when there’s no pain and it could be true to laser hair removal treatment. You see, during the procedure, you are to expect some discomfort on your skin. If your threshold to pain is low, then it could be more than uncomfortable.

People who go through this method of hair removal describe the sensation as similar to being pricked by pins. To lessen the sensation, the doctor may use an anesthetic cream to the area.

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If the area for treatment is small, such as the upper lip or chins, then you can expect it to be over in a minute or two. If it’s the underarms though, it would take about five minutes. The bikini area would take ten while the chest, leg, and back would be much longer.

If the area you want the treatment on has a tattoo, the doctor may not be able to do the procedure for the same reason of the absence of contrast.

After Treatment

After the treatment, you will probably see redness on the skin and feel some sting. It will eventually disappear in a matter of hours. Skin discoloration may also occur, but it will get better as days go by. If you have thick hair, it is likely that you will experience crusting or blistering, but they too, would heal on their own.

You may wonder why after the laser hair removal, you still see hair on your skin. This is normal. The laser does not really extract the hairs but kill their roots. It may take time for them to fall out, but they will, eventually. Before leaving the clinic, your doctor must have told you of your next appointment already. All you have to do is go back to enjoy the ultimate result of the procedure. Normally, you may have to go through the treatment four to six times.

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