Rosacea Skin Care – Useful Tips for Purchasing Rosacea Products

What is Rosacea? It is a skin condition which is often mistaken for acne as it can produce comparable symptoms such as pimples or redness.

Nobody recognizes what causes Rosacea but there appears to be a well-built genetic link. Rosacea skin care products products can help to decrease the redness associated with this condition, but at present there is no cure for Rosacea.


The distinguishing redness on the nose, foreheads and cheeks can be particularly difficult to cover up. It is essential to treat Rosacea as your eyes can also become irritated and appear bloodshot.

There is another condition called Rhinophyma which may accompany Rosacea. The nose may become swollen and enlarged from excess tissue. Rosacea does not just appear overnight – this condition tends to develop over time and usually does not affect someone until they are above 30.

A good skin care regimen is critical to managing this skin problem as is a good diet. Here are the 5 tips that will aid you fight this problem:

  1. In particular, eat additional dark coloured fruits such as blackberries and blueberries. They play a vital role in keeping your blood vessels healthy and Rosacea is correlated to weakened capillaries.
  2. Keep your skin hydrated and substitute water for any coke or caffeine related drinks.
  3. It is sensible to avoid fragranced skincare products as they might irritate the skin. Detergents, oils and alcohol can also trigger an attack.
  4. Other things to avoid are harsh exfoliants as they can also damage the weakened blood vessels.
  5. Avoid drinking excessive alcohol, sunbathe too often or eat spicy food.

While purchasing Rosacea skin care cosmetics look for ones that have green tones as they will help to tone down the redness. The right products will also help in providing relief. If you take right products and proper care, your skin will be clear and glowing in no time.

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source :  6 rosacea skin care tips dermatologists give their patients