Revision Skin Care – Teamine Eye Complex

Revision Skin Care Teamine eye complex is known as a treatment for dark circles. However, it is in fact made for much more than that. It is meant to get rid of puffiness, tighten and lift the skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area.

The company, Revision skin care, asserts that Teamine Eye Cream is clinically verified to treat dark circles, even for the ones which are hereditary in nature. It is also hydrating and is known to lift and brighten the skin near the eye area as well.

Teamine Ingredients

Teamine includes some of the most effective ingredients to take care of the skin around the eye area.
This includes:


Vitamin C – Improves conditions around the eye area

Pentapeptides –to prevent premature aging

Vitamin E – Smoothens the skin and prevents premature wrinkles and lines

Retinyl Palmitate – A derivative of Retinol, it is one of the most important ingredients of any anti-aging skin care product.

Green tea extract – Helps with eye puffiness as well as dark circles

Overall Review for Revision Teamine Eye Complex

All in all, this is one of the best bet out there in the market if you want to choose an eye cream that helps in getting rid of dark circles whether they have appeared because of heredity, lack of sleep or stress.

However, do remember that just like many other eye cream cosmetics available in the market today, there is nearly no guarantee that it will work at 100 percent of the time for each and every person who tries it.

The good thing is that the one jar lasts a long time so in case you do buy Teamine Eye Complex, you can really check if it works for you after a few weeks of consistent use. Do not fail to use the product regularly.

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