What percentage of questions right to pass NCLEX

The NCLEX is scored using dichotomous scoring so you can either pass or fail the exam. Currently to pass the NCLEX-RN the standard is 0.00 logits–or answer questions correctly at least 50% of the time. The NCLEX-PN standard is -0.18 logits.

What percentage of correct answers do you need to pass the NCLEX-RN?

What percentage of correct answers do you need to pass the NCLEX-RN?

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01‏/08‏/2021 — What Percentage Of Questions Right To Pass Nclex?The answer is 50 percent within the time and it uses dichotomous scoring.

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Setting the NCLEX Passing Standards — A historical record of the passing standard and annual summaries of candidate performance on the NCLEX since the ...

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08‏/03‏/2022 — The NCLEX uses a base logit score of 0.00 to determine whether you pass or not. You pass if you score above 0.00 meaning you answered enough ...

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31‏/05‏/2020 — In other words the more difficult the questions youre getting the higher the logit score youll possibly get. As of recently the passing ...

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10‏/01‏/2022 — So a test-taker can pass or fail the NCLEX-RN/PN with 60 questions 145 questions or any number in between.

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09‏/03‏/2022 — The test will produce a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions. A candidate passes the test when the tester has answered enough ...

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17‏/11‏/2021 — A test-taker must answer all questions on the exam if his or her ability level is considered too close to the passing standard to use the 95% ...

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The score you receive on your NCLEX-RN exam is called a “logit” which is a unit of measurement that compares your ability to answer questions to the ...