What is a hugging egg worth in adopt me

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The Hugging Egg is a Rare Toy from Easter 2018. It is currently worth a little ...

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The Hugging Egg is a rare toy in Adopt Me! that was obtainable during the 2018 Easter Event. It could be purchased for 5 Chocolate Eggs. Since the event is ...

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19‏/03‏/2020 — What is hugging egg worth? Im trying to trade for it but I dont know what it is is worth. Fandom Image.

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14‏/08‏/2020 — People say its worth a medium legendary but others say it worth nothing u got to find the right person.

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Hugging Egg Value. Author. sparkling_heart Adopt Me Values sparkling_heart ... Value Rate I ...

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Hugging Egg. toys · rare. Note To buy an item click on the bold listing title and make an offer or contact the seller directly.

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Whats a hugging egg worth of rhd?? Embedded video. 017. 34 views. 332 AM · Jan 25 2021·Twitter for iPhone.

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Here are all the Legendary Pets values in the Adopt Me Pet Trading Value List ... Since the event is over players can now only obtain the Hugging Egg by ...