NYSLRS members in Tier 2 3 4 5 and 6 need five years of service credit to be vested. If you work part-time it will take you longer to become vested. For example if you work half-time you earn six months of credit toward vesting for each year on the job.

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Are You Vested? And What It Means - New York State Comptroller

Off-Payroll Retirement Benefits — Tier 1 and 2 members are eligible for a vested retirement benefit as early as the first of the month following your 55th ...

Vested Retirement Benefit | Office of the New York State Comptroller

You are eligible for a vested retirement benefit if you leave public employment before age 55 and you have five or more years of credited service.

Employees Retirement System (ERS) with New York State ... - HR Cornell

** Early Retirement Benefits Reduction Schedule Tiers 2 3 and 4 · 62 · 58. 18% · 6% ; *** Early Retirement Benefits Reduction Schedule Tier 5 · 62 · 58. 23.33%.

Employees Retirement System (ERS) with New York State ... - HR Cornell

Tier. Membership. Date. Vesting. Schedule. Your Contribution. Retirement Date. Benefit Amount (Full Benefits). Reduced Benefits.

55/25 Retirement Plan For Tier 4 Members

As a Tier 4 member you are required to contribute 3% of your gross wages until the earlier of ... entitled to receive a Vested Retirement Benefit at age 62.

Bill Search and Legislative Information | New York State Assembly

Tier 4 members who leave employment with at least five but less than 20 years of service are eligible to receive a vested retirement benefit payable on ...

Learning About NYSTRS - New York State Teachers Retirement System

laws were passed in 1976 (creating Tier 3) and 1983 (creating Tier 4) which ... restricted vesting and retirement eligibility rights and altered member ...

Service Retirement Plans and Benefits for Tiers III/IV

retirement allowance payments under this plan if one ... *Most Tier III and IV members become vested upon ... within New York State.

Planning for Retirement - Department of Civil Service

University of New York Optional Retirement Program ... System retirement tier in effect when you last ... status or after retiring from vested status.