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Accompanied by her new friends Vitriol the wise zombie sage Isis a highly superstitious Egyptian mummy princess and ...

Mummy Im a Zombie / Daddy Im A Zombie (Double Feature) - Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars a teen girl has a lousy day at home and school and wishes she was dead - gets her wish. finds dead friends who ...

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Join Dixie and friends on a spooky adventure to the land of the dead! Dixie is a rebellious teenager who always wanted to be different.

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The misadventures of a teenager girl in her new life as zombie. ... Daddy Im a Zombie (2011). Trailer for Daddy Im a Zombie. ...

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Dixie is a 13-year-old girl unhappy with her life five years ago her mother divorced from her father a coroner and in her college she is considered ...

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In the sequel to Daddy Im A Zombie the fate of the planet is again in Dixies hands as she fights to end a battle between the ...

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قبل 7 أيام — Find where to stream Daddy Im a Zombie 2011 online in the UK. Covering Netflix Chili Amazon BBC ITV Disney and more.

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Fotos 2 zum Film Daddy Im a Zombie von 9 Fotos auf ... Macht So anders sehen die Orks in der Herr der ...

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