The wait for a 2022 Ford Bronco is about six months to a year. But the waiting time could be different based on whats in inventory at your local Ford dealerships.

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I have a Bronco reservation but have not converted it to an order yet what steps do I take to convert my reservation?

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15‏/02‏/2022 — In my opinion its a good idea to wait it out and keep a reservation if someone is in your position. Youll have to eventually get in line for ...

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30‏/08‏/2021 — Ford says customers should ask their dealership about their timelines for getting a new Bronco SUV and our local dealer told us the wait ...

What is the wait time for a 2022 Ford Bronco?

From build date to delivery takes 2 - 6 weeks typically. So with a small amount of luck you should have it in your driveway sometime in June or early July.

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01‏/06‏/2021 — Once its built it will be loaded on a rail car within 2 business days barring any quality holds that could pop up while its on the yard. Rail ...

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08‏/12‏/2021 — After taking 160000 reservations and 125000 orders for the 2021 Ford ... Well have more on the Bronco very soon so be sure and subscribe ...

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Ford Bronco Reservation FAQ. ... Get one step closer to owning the all-new Bronco by reserving yours today! ... When will I take delivery of my vehicle?

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13‏/02‏/2022 — When Ford launched a website to field new Bronco reservations in July ... Ford CEO Farley says dealers who gouge could get fewer vehicles.

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When will I take delivery of my vehicle? Bronco deliveries begin June 2021 and will extend thru 2022. We anticipate some customers will receive a 22MY Bronco.