If you are traveling domestically you will only need one valid form of identification – either your REAL ID or another acceptable alternative such as a passport not both.

Should I Get a Real ID If I Have a Passport?

The short answer is no. An official U.S. passport will get you through airport security and can be used in place of a Real ID. If you are only traveling ...

REAL ID | Transportation Security Administration

Do I need a REAL ID if Im flying internationally? ... Is a passport my only other option if my drivers license or state ID is not acceptable?

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When do I need to get a REAL ID if I dont have a passport and want to us my PA drivers license or ID card to board a domestic flight?

Real ID vs. Passports Which Do You Need and Why? - FastFilings

A passport is an official form of identification that can be used for domestic and international travel. If you have a passport you do not need a Real ID ...


You do not visit secure federal facilities. You NEED a REAL ID if You do not have a valid U.S. passport or passport card; AND ...

Frequently Asked Questions - REAL ID

If you have a valid U.S. passport or passport card military ID or other federally approved ... What documents do I need to apply for a REAL ID DL/ID card?

Real ID is Coming...What You Need to Know - Jackson County Oregon

You will not need a Real ID if you plan to travel using a passport as identification but if you want to use only your state issued ID for traveling you ...

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Enter secure federal facilities. If you want to continue to use a U.S. passport U.S. passport card military ID enhanced drivers license or other federally ...