Can you transfer Apex Legends from Xbox to PC?

There is no way to transfer your Apex Legends account between these different platforms. This is unlike Apexs competitors Warzone and Fortnite which have full cross-platform progression.

Can you sync/transfer Apex accounts from Xbox to PC? - Reddit

24‏/09‏/2020 — Nope. Switch platforms and you lose everything and have to start over.

can i transfer my xbox progress from apex to pc - EA Answers HQ

Hey @jamesapple14 its not currently possible to transfer progress or in-game content across platforms. Darko. Darko.png. View in thread.

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28‏/06‏/2021 — Apex Legends account transfers from Xbox to PC is a popular topic among players. ...

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Apex Legends has crossplay for Xbox PC and PlayStation. Find out if you can transfer your progress around all the systems and platforms.

Can you transfer an Apex Legends account from Xbox to a PC? - Quora

Can you transfer an Apex Legends account from Xbox to a PC?

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29‏/03‏/2022 — If you originally played Apex on Origin you can link your account to Steam and carry your progress over. But the same cannot be said for the ...

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26‏/08‏/2021 — PC gamers that play Apex Legends can link their account to the distribution service Steam. However its only possible for players that ...

How To Transfer Apex Legends From Ps4 To Pc? Solved 2022

Yes you can transfer apex progress between orgs. To do so youll need to export your apex code and metadata from the org where the progress is currently ...