Radiesse Injections: A Review

Upon hitting middle age, many women may notice that their skin does not look as youthful as it used to be. Perhaps the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines has become much more noticeable within the past few years. Skin laxity is another common problem, where the epidermis layer is not as tight as it used to be causing an array of facial sagging to occur.

In general, there are many options to treating these skin issues which accompany middle age. However, one of the most effective forms of dealing with this concern without the potential serious risks of plastic surgery is getting Radiesse Injections. This article will briefly outline what these injections entail and potential risks that may occur, finally ending with a summary of the overall findings.

As stated prior, natural aging is an inevitable process. But what causes the wrinkles and fine lines to develop? In general collagen is the culprit. As one ages, the collagen in the skin begins to break down, causing its ability to create the volume, flexibility, and strength associated with healthy vibrant skin to fade away in effectiveness.

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Radiesse Injections work by attempting to restore the skins lost volume. After injection at the problem site, the individual should see some degree of immediate results. The gel itself is made of both calcium-based microspheres as well as a gel solution. Although other similar products offer similar ingredients, Radiesse injections are unique in that they create a scaffold under the skin, allowing for the body to begin producing natural collagen.

Furthermore, this effect doesn’t simply last for a few days, but rather the ability to formulate new collagen is established for a few months, lengthening the duration of Radiesse injection results. Furthermore, clinical studies have indicated that the results obtained from Radiesse injections may last for up to a year.

Whenever one is undergoing any type of procedure, potential side effects could occur. Radiesse injections may be a bit painful as it is like receiving a shot in a sense. Furthermore, swelling, bruising, mild irritation, itching, redness, or redness at the site of the injection are possible.

However, it is important to note that these minor setbacks should be short-lived and will typically disappear on their own without further need for assistance. If they remain for a prolonged period of time, one should contact their doctor or dermatologist.

All in all, Radiesse injections provide an option for middle-aged women seeking a more youthful facial appearance. Many may choose this as a route instead of plastic surgery, as these injections are both less expensive and have minimal side effects.

Most patients are pleased with the outcome of the experience and do not notice any permanent abnormalities or issues. Of its most beneficial qualities includes the fact that a single injection may sustain results for up to a year. Although some women do report that the changes in their face overall are not as profound as they expected, most women who have undergone Radiesse injections would do so again in the future. Please consult a dermatologist or physician for more information on this product.

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