Italian senate meeting interrupted by Final Fantasy hentai

Tifa Lockheart relaxing on a bed with the Italian flag.
(Image credit: Square Enix)

As is happening in all spheres, the Italian senate currently conducts some of its business via virtual meetings. This Monday a meeting was held during which various academic, medical and scientific experts called-in to present data to Italian senators: A typical day in national politics.

That is until one miscreant managed to enter the meeting, and stream a pornographic video of Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockheart. A speaker was introducing the results of their research when the feed was taken over: The video was 3D rendered in Unreal, and features Tifa and an unidentified male character having sex. A senator can be heard asking 'what is this?' This, my friend, is rule 34.

The senate speaker realised what was happening, asked the organisers for help getting rid of the offending guest, and the individual who streamed the video was removed from the call.

Among the grandees attending this meeting were Giorgio Parisi, who won the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics. Senator Maria Laura Mantovani spoke to AdnKronos following the incident (the following is a machine translation): "Yes, I'm making a report to the police. A porno film suddenly aired on the monitor of the conference we were holding at Palazzo Giustiniani in the Senate."

"This afternoon there was a very serious episode, a real attack against which I express absolute disdain. During an online conference [...] someone broke in secretly by transmitting a video with pornographic content. I proceeded to report everything to the competent authorities so that they can proceed to identify the person responsible."

Zoom bombing is a thing now, though few examples are as spectacular as this. The conference went on as normal following the interruption. Should you wish to see it happening, you can find the extremely NSFW clip here.

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