Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Controversy: Latest Updates in 2022

dr jeff rocky mountain vet controversy

Animal Planet footage According to the AVMA president and CEO, Jeff Young, DVM, doing surgery with bare arms, no gown, and no mask is “getting in the way of his message” about the necessity of high-quality, high-volume veterinary care.

Screenshot from a website clip of Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet on Animal Planet.

Remember Jan Pol, DVM, from Nat Geo Wild’s TV show The Incredible Dr Pol’s struggle over medical standards of care? If you don’t remember, here’s a reminder.

There appears to be a new TV veterinarian in town, and he may be interested in getting in on the action—and maybe the controversy.

The AVMA’s president, Tom Meyer, DVM, and CEO, Janet Donlin, DVM, MBA, sent an open letter to Animal Planet on Jan. 26. Meyer and Donlin express their displeasure with medical practises depicted on the cable channel’s Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.

According to the letter, veterinarians have complained to the association about images and video from a clip titled “Dr Jeff’s First Surgery in the New Clinic” (click to watch the video), which appears to show Jeff Young, DVM, performing surgery with “no mask, no gown, a clipboard with paper and pens passed over a surgical site, and surgical table surrounded by others not wearing protective gear.”

The AVMA letter reminds the channel and its parent firm, Discovery Communications, that “it is extremely feasible to deliver great treatment at a low cost without forsaking commonly established good patient care procedures,” as the show’s website puts it.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “maintaining basic hygienic conditions during surgery… does not contribute appreciably to the time or expense involved with executing surgical procedures.” “Surgery is a rather intrusive procedure. Both the patient and the surgical team are in danger when exposed tissues are present.”

Tasha from Dr Jeff, who is she? Before delving into Tasha’s inexplicable disappearance, learn more about the dedicated vet’s fascinating past. Of course, many people are familiar with Tasha’s TV character as a skilled veterinary assistant who wears scrubs and is dedicated to her daily work, but what is her backstory? Natasha Crabtree is her true name, however, most of her followers refer to her as Tasha. Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet’s Tasha is a California native who has been caring for animals since she was a child. She went on to Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas and earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Veterinary Science. She was able to qualify as a veterinary technician as a result of her academic achievement.

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He Was Accused of Infringing on People’s Health.

dr jeff rocky mountain vet controversy

A video of Dr. Young doing surgery on an animal went viral in 2017 and generated uproar within the veterinary community. Jeff was in the middle of doing an invasive surgery on an animal in the video.

He had, however, neglected to put on a mask or any other safety equipment. The other vets who were aiding him with the surgery were likewise not wearing any safety equipment.

The video, predictably, received unwanted press, causing the American Veterinary Medical Association, an animal rights group, to intervene. Dr Jeff Young’s reality show is shown on Animal Planet, and the organization’s president issued a critical letter to the network.

He chastised Dr Jeff and his crew for having medical guidelines in place when doing major surgical procedures. The group went on to stress the need of maintaining hygienic conditions when performing procedures.

This is because an unclean operating room puts the animal in question at a higher risk of getting infections after surgery.

They claimed that the cost of keeping a hygienic workstation would not have a substantial impact on total costs or time

Aside from the VMAs, a number of fans raised their voices, criticising Dr. Young and the show’s producers.

At his animal refuge, sanitation is a problem.

Planned Pethood Plus is a non-profit that assists thousands of animals each year. Unfortunately, this implies that they are always dealing with a big number of animals and pets. This implies they’re usually crammed into a little space.

This implies they are exposed to a number of illnesses that might be carried by any of the animals housed there. Furthermore, a filthy living environment increases the danger of viruses and diseases.

He’s Been Accused of Disrespecting Other Vets on A Regular Basis.

Dr Young is a veterinarian with strong ideas that he isn’t afraid to express. Planned Pethood Plus, his centre, was founded to provide inexpensive care for strays and other animals. They aim to neuter/treat at least 3,000 animals each year.

As a result, Dr Young has a problem with other veterinarians who demand exorbitant fees for their services. Jeff has no qualms about referring to his coworkers as “money-hungry,” which has ruffled some feathers in the medical world.

He Is Known for Insulting Animal Lovers on A Daily Basis.

dr jeff rocky mountain vet controversy

Fans of the programme, as well as animal lovers in general, aren’t immune to Dr Young’s wrath. People demonstrate appreciation for their dogs in a variety of ways. Some pet owners may buy their pets a variety of toys, while others will dress them up in cute outfits.

Jeff has a problem with the latter. In fact, he enjoys making fun of individuals who dress their children in cute attire. Dr Young has little tolerance for pet owners who treat their dogs/cats as part of the family as if that wasn’t bad enough. He believes that humans and animals should be distinguished.

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Breeders Do Not Appeal to Him.

Breeders take it upon themselves to genetically alter the physical and mental characteristics of animals that they dislike. They’ve even gone so far as to create totally new animal breeds on occasion. As a result, their work is frequently questioned, if not outright ridiculed. While Dr Young’s concerns are fair, they are often obscured by his outlandish behaviour. He repeatedly attacks breeders, diluting any genuine argument he could have.