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How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook Android and iOS 2022

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Facebook, over time, has introduced several privacy features, the most important being the privacy setup for the friends-list to give its users full control over their profile. Facebook has a friend list option on the user’s profile page, located below the cover photo, on the left side. By default, it is set to display all of your friends to everyone who sees your profile.

You are free to make changes in the privacy settings if you don’t want to publicly display your friend list to the world of unknown strangers. The largest social networking platform offers a plethora of security options under privacy setting to helps the users stay secured. This means you can hide your Friends list from the general public, from specific friends, or from everyone.

Here’s how to hide friends list on Facebook Android

You can hide mutual friends list on Facebook using any device, including iOS, Android, or even your desktop. The best part is you can hide the friend list from even a particular person or from everyone except someone.

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Simple steps on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook Android

·        Open Facebook on your Android phone

·        Tap on the Menu bar

·        Scroll down and click on ‘Settings and Privacy’

·        Tap on ‘Who can see your friends list?’. You will be able to locate this tab under the ‘How People Find and Contact You’ header.

·        Here, tap on ‘Only Me’

Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook 1

This will hide your entire friends lists from everyone on Facebook. However, your Facebook friends can still see which friends you have in common. In case you don’t want to know the friends you have in common, you will have to individually request your friends to restrict who can view their friends list to ‘Only me’. 

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How to hide mutual friends on Facebook iOS

Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook 2

·        Open the Facebook app

·        Tap on the Menu bar seen at the bottom right corner of your Apple device

·        Tap on Settings right at the bottom of the menu

·        Click on ‘Account Settings’ and then on ‘Privacy’

·        Scroll down carefully to tap on ‘‘Who can see your friends list?’

·        Select ‘Only Me’

Save the Settings and you are good to go!!

How to hide mutual friends from Facebook Timeline

hide mutual friends on facebook 3

To hide mutual friends from Facebook timeline, follow these simple steps:

·        Open Facebook account

·        Go to Profile

·        From there, go to Activity Log

·        Here, Tap on Friends. Then select your friends which you want to hide as ‘Mutual’

·        Click on ‘Save Settings’

This method needs to be performed again and again as you cannot hide all mutual friends at once.

We hope this article on how to hide mutual friends on Facebook will sort out privacy problems. Sign in for our newsletter for more handy tips and tricks.

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