Facebook is always adding and removing features from its app and the latest change has caused quite a stir.

Users have noticed that the popular ‘View As’ button has suddenly disappeared this week.

What is the ‘View As’ feature? And what has happened to it? Here’s what we know…

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‘View As’ button disappears

This week, Facebook users grew confused after noticing that the ‘View As’ button has disappeared.

The popular feature lets users see how their profile looks to other people who are not their friends.

It’s a useful way of confirming your privacy settings and checking what content is public.

Usually, you access the feature by clicking the three dots at the side your profile and pressing ‘View As’.

There is also usually an option to ‘View as Specific Person’ which lets you see how you profile looks to certain friends.

However, both of these options seem to have disappeared for many users in March 2022.

Facebook – Born in 96 Phone Story

Facebook – Born in 96 Phone Story

Facebook hasn’t addressed the issue

At the time of writing this, Facebook hasn’t addressed why the button has mysteriously disappeared, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

In September 2018, Facebook removed the feature following a huge security breach that affected 50 million accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post that “an attacker exploited a technical vulnerability to steal access tokens that would allow them to log into about 50 million people’s accounts on Facebook”.

He then revealed that as a “precautionary measure,” they were “temporarily taking down the View As feature” and “logging out everyone who used it since the vulnerability was introduced”.

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It was brought back in 2019

After being unavailable for around eight months, Facebook brought back the feature in March 2019.

“Today, we’re making it easier for people to manage their publicly visible information on Facebook with two updates: (1) we’re bringing back the “View As Public” feature and (2) we’re adding an “Edit Public Details” button directly to profiles,” they wrote on Twitter.

Since then, the feature has been available for users until March 2022 when people began reporting that it had disappeared.

Right now, the reason for that remains unclear. However, to public knowledge, Facebook hasn’t announced any intention to remove the feature again.

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