A Look At Light Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation

Light therapy is a relatively new technique in the fields of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. What is the most interesting about this new technology is that there is a big push for using light therapy at home instead of going to a spa or to a cosmetic surgeon. In fact, most of the breakthroughs in anti-aging light therapy involve using a device in your home to help remove wrinkles, fight acne, and reverse the signs of aging.

The history behind light-based skin treatments really starts with NASA. The technology has been around for 40 years and was originally used to stimulate plant growth. Red LED therapy was also used to encourage cell growth and heal astronauts who suffered from injuries while in space. It is this same technology that has now come to the skin rejuvenation market and has proven highly effective to help with all sorts of skin ailments.

How does LED light therapy work?

When used properly, red light therapy treats the intended area through the exposure to light emitting diodes (LED) to specific areas while leaving other areas unaffected by the light therapy. Since this technology is relatively safe, it is much easier to use at home and has many benefits compared to other forms of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging creams. With laser resurfacing, there is a chance for thermal injury to skin tissue. But by using light energy instead of lasers, there is no damage or discomfort associated with laser techniques.


What happens is that specific wavelengths are used to stimulate rejuvenating responses in the body. By using various wavelengths in the light spectrum, it increases hemoglobin growth and activity at the dermal level which are the leading causes of aging in skin. By creating thermal activity, LED light therapy helps stimulate nutrients and the growth of cells to the targeted areas specifically stimulating fibroblast and collagen production.

There are tons of benefits from using light therapy ranging from strengthening wrinkled skin, removing age spots, lightening pigmentation problems, repairing broken capillaries, and just making your skin look younger, fresher, and overall better. With photofacial treatments, light therapy can treat acne and rosacea without having to worry about the traditional issues that revolve around facial surgery.

Overall, using light therapy for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation is beneficial and safe for all skin types and ages as there is no down time and is completely non-invasive. There are several major brand names in this new market including the Baby Quasar line, Tanda, and DPL therapy systems. Prices for home treatment systems generally run between $150 to $500 dollars but any of these systems will work for light therapy treatments at home.

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